Seed to Body Care

Rooted in the recognition that we are extensions of raw natural power, designed to move through our physiologic rites-of-passage consciously, and evolve in collaboration with nature, Seed To Body is born.

We are a family practice rooted in elemental wisdom, offering comprehensive reproductive-care services, empowering online seminars & immersions, as well as transformative in-person retreats.

Community Seminars


Seed to Body Community Seminars focus on inspiring connection and remembrance from seed to body. Acknowledging the inextricable link between the well-being of our bodies and the health of our ecosystems, all the courses and seminars prioritize elemental connection and the activation of our intuitive technologies‚ÄĒsound, breath, and movement. Each seminar and course, with its unique focus, offers a series of transformative opportunities for experiential growth through creative initiatives. By reclaiming our physiological rites of passage, our innate joy, and our vitality, we position ourselves to effect substantial waves of positive change in the collective consciousness to birth a new ancestral reality.


Guardians of Birth 13-week Virtual Immersion on the Art of Birth Care

The wisdom & knowledge of how to guard birth belong embedded in the fabric of the family. We reclaim this by orienting to our he{art}. Guardians of Birth is a 13-Week Virtual Immersion on the Art of Birth Care.

Join Wait List for Fall 2024 In Person Retreat

We begin August 08 2024 & meet every Thursday at 4PM EST (NYC TIME)
APRIL 12, 2024 + CLOSE APRIL 19, 2024
JUNE 20, 2024 + CLOSE JULY 18, 2024

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